July 31st, 2009


I really didn't need that....

Yup, the fuel pump was kaput.  $130 for the part, and about $400 for the labor.  Feh.  I also had them replace the fuel filter while they were working on it, for another $50.  Total with taxes and "environmental fees", $640.

And this is just going to cost me more in the future, because whenever the tank gets anywhere near low I'll probably freak out and buy gas at the nearest station, paying whatever exorbitant rates they're charging, rather than waiting until I get someplace cheaper.
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Aminal cruelty

I barbecued some steaks this evening and we ate dinner outside on the deck.  My roommate's dog stood in the living room staring at us the whole time through the closed window.  This dog has been trained to catch treats in mid air when they are thrown towards her.  So I picked up a green bean and tossed it at the glass.  She tried to snatch it out of the air, then looked confused.  I laughed hard.

I made it up to her later with a real treat.