August 20th, 2009


Culinary confusion

Not all my culinary efforts work out.

A few days ago I was digging through the freezer chest and came across a bag of little stuffed pasta-like things.  I assumed they were cheese ravioli, so I made a mental note.

I decided the prepare them today, so I started out making a sauce made from ground beef, onions, garlic, bell peppers, olive oil and tomatoes.

Then I started preparing the ravioli.  The first clue something was wrong was the shape of the pasta; they weren't perfectly round like most of the ravioli I buy.  They were slightly misshapen.  I just attributed it to the fact they'd been in the freezer for so long I'd forgotten what they originally looked like.

I boiled the ravioli, guestimating the amount of time required because the packaging was missing.  I pulled one out and cut it open to make sure it was done.  This was my second clue; the cheese filling was soft, orange and homogeneous.  But I just thought it was that peculiar brand of pasta.

Then I drained them, and the raviolis all stuck together.  They had a strange, sticky texture, clue number three.  I thought maybe I'd overcooked them or something.

I plated the ravioli and poured the sauce over the top.  Just as I sat the plate down in front of my roommate it suddenly clicked:  This is not ravioli!

I finally remembered that my SO had bought a package of cheese & potato pierogi from Costco a couple years ago.  I'd prepared one of the bags, but never got around to the second.  Eventually the box got thrown away and the bag migrated to the bottom of the freezer, where it lay forgotten until now.