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When I was forced to abandon my car this afternoon, the snow in the driveway was so thick I could barely walk through it, let alone drive.

Just about sundown, I see my SO's car come down the driveway and pull into the garage.  I noticed the temperature had climbed to nearly 40ºF, but I couldn't believe that much snow could have melted that quickly.  He offered to help me get my car free, so we hiked down the driveway.

My car was buried even further in the snow, but the areas to the sides were clear.  It took me a few moments to realize what was going on.  Apparently a neighbor had come through and plowed paths around either side of my car.  Too bad they didn't do that before I got stuck.

My SO tried sitting in the trunk for extra traction, but one of the wheels couldn't get a grip in the snow, so that didn't help.  He tried digging out the car with a shovel I keep in the trunk, but that didn't help any either.  (And he didn't put the shovel back, he tossed it in the driveway where it's now buried somewhere.  I'll have to walk down there tomorrow and try to find it.)

He ended up borrowing a friend's truck again and we towed my car out.  Once free of the snow bank, I was able to drive back to the house with no problems.

Damn, I've got to replace my differential.  If I had Positraction, it would be so much easier to get unstuck, since it would focus the engine's power on the wheel with traction, instead of on the loose wheel like a regular differential.

A few hours ago, I noticed it was snowing lightly.  The wind has shifted back to the north-west, so hopefully it won't block the driveway again.  The forecast calls for temps in the 40's in the next few days.  Hopefully winter is over now.
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