January 25th, 2010

Facepalm Jesus

Vista was a terrible e-mail program

I was in my roomate's car the other day and he had the radio on to a talk station which was broadcasting some tech program.  An older-sounding woman called in complaining that she was having trouble with her e-mail and I immediately knew this was going to end in lulz.

Host:  "Are you using Outlook?"

Caller:  "No, it comes up as Windows"

A couple pics

Tired dog is tired.

My roommate's Dane, snoozing on his bed.  She's been under the covers like that for at least an hour.

Last summer I bought this hose-guard to prevent the hose from rubbing against the concrete steps (there's a wheel underneath the squirrel).  It's only recently been uncovered by the melting snow.