April 23rd, 2010

Weather - Tornado

Tornado watch 87

Because one tornado watch isn't enough.

Quite a few nasty looking storms, and all of them passed within a few miles of here, but we got nothing.  A few far off flashes of lightning and a handful of distant rumbles of thunder, but barely even a sprinkle of rain here.

The winds are out of the south, but I don't see anything on the radar in that direction, so it looks like we're safe.  Some heavy stuff to the north of us; there's even a possible vortex signature just beyond the county line north of downtown Omaha.
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One can never have too many userpics

Permanent account users already get 202 userpics, and they get an additional 5 each year.  And now you can buy even more, $10 a year for 70, up to a maximum of 210 additional userpics!

I'm at 171 userpics right now and at least a third of them have been used only once or twice; I can't even imagine ever needing 412.
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