June 22nd, 2010



It "only" took about 3 hours, but I managed to fix the problem with my iPod.  I had to uncheck all my music, videos, podcasts, audiobooks and iTunes U, then sync the iPod, basically deleting everything.  Then I went back and checked everything I wanted on my iPod, and synced again, copying everything back onto it.  Given that my 64GB Touch is nearly full, that took quite a while, not a good thing when thunderstorms are threatening.  The album art seems to be working correctly again.

Jobs did at least get one thing right, Apple fixed the giant file sizes for pictures.  With iOS 3, 700 Megs of photos took up several gigabytes of space on the iPod.  Now that same batch of photos takes up 800 Meg, a mere 15% bloat.

I was promised iBooks.  There's no iBooks.

I can change the background now.  Whoop de doo.  I could change the background on my WinCE PDA  a decade ago.

Multitasking would have been a nice addition, but I'm not really using my Touch as anything but a music player now (and only because this battery-powered speaker system has an iPod dock, not an Evo dock) so it doesn't really matter anymore.
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Weather - Tornado

Tornado Watch 386

And here we go again.

We've had thunderstorms every single night for nearly a week now.  It's getting a bit annoying.

EDIT:  And now we have a Severe Thunderstorm Warning.  Winds gusting to 60 MPH and torrential rains.
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