August 8th, 2010


County Fair photography contest submissions

You're allowed to submit a maximum of 1 image per lot, per class and no more than 6 images total.  There are three classes, Color, Black & White and Modified Image, and there are 8 lots within each class.  Since the majority of my pictures are of animals, picking just two (one color, one B&W) was extremely difficult.  It was also hard to pick photos for the other classes, since the non-animal photos I take are much fewer than the animal pics.

Here are the photos I submitted:

Squirrel Posing, 11x14
Class 1 (Color), Lot 1 (Animals)

Handful of Baby Bunny, 8x10
Class 2 (B&W), Lot 1 (Animals)

Goat Kissies, 4x6
Class 1, Lot 3 (Photojournalism)

Wishing, 8x10
Class 1, Lot 5 (Still Life)

I'd Give It All Up For Love, 8x10
Class 1, Lot 6 (Architecture)

Avenue C Railroad Bridge, 16x20
Class 2, Lot 6 (Architecture)

The squirrel and railroad bridge pictures I had printed at Costco on poster board ($10 and $15, respectively), since I think those are my best chance at winning.  The others I printed on inkjet photo paper and mounted on foam board.  That was rather a pain in the ass, but I saved a lot of money (my cost, about 60 cents each).

The baby bunny pic I applied a blue filter and converted to B&W.  This made the skin on my hands look much rougher, which I thought contrasts nicely with the soft bunny.

The railroad bridge photo I ran through an IR filter, which did a much better job than just a simple B&W conversion.  IR helped make the leaves on the trees to stand out, rather than turn dark as ordinary B&W would do.


Grocery Shrink Ray has struck again!

I found an old box of Tuna Helper buried in the back of the cabinet.  The expiration date on it is from 2008.  I'd just bought a ton of * Helper, and this box seemed unusually heavy.  I checked the weight and it said it contained 8.4 ounces.  I checked the other * Helper boxes, and they were all 4 to 6 ounces!

The instructions also call for a 7 ounce can of tuna.  Good luck with that, since almost all tuna comes in 5 ounce cans now.

Nothing like a little time capsule to show just how much the manufacturers have been shrinking their products.
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