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Look around, leaves are brown

It was just a week ago we had so much snow that the driveway had to be plowed, and it was just Friday that blowing snow made the driveway impassable again.

Today, temps were into mid 40's with the temperature last night staying above freezing.  The driveway is a morass of slush.  I made the mistake of attempting to step onto a snow bank on the side of the drive; it turned out to be all slush and now my pants cuffs are soaking wet.

It forecast calls for temps in the low 50's for the rest of the week.  Looks like winter is finally dying.  Hopefully all this nasty snow will be gone in a few days.  Though I don't know which is more depressing, the entire world being white or the entire world being brown.  At least my car doesn't get stuck in brown.

How deep the snow was a few days ago.

Same snow bank today, now nothing but slush.

Things are changing from white to brown.
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