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Here comes the snow again.

This morning we got 0.39 inches of rain.  The weather was actually fairly warm, with temps in the low 40's.  But by the evening, it had started snowing.  By midnight, we'd gotten about 4 inches of snow.  It's a different kind of snow than we've seen so far this year; sticky and wet.  The perfect kind of snow for making snowballs and snowmen.  Not the usual fluffy dry snow we'd been getting.  The trees outside are white.  I wish I could get a decent photo, but it's way too dark right now.  Maybe tomorrow.

It's still rather warmish outside, only 30.7ºF (-0.7ºC).

My SO parked his car down at the end of the driveway, just in case.  Right now, it's not too bad, but the wind is supposed to kick up tomorrow, which might create some nasty drifts.  Though with the snow as sticky as it is right now, I don't know just how drifty it will be.


Melting snow, Friday.  Notice the increasing clouds.

No more snow, Saturday.  Notice the overcast skies.

Snow accumulation on the porch railing.  No, the snow isn't yellow, but the "bug light" on the porch is. 
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