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It must be raining cats and dogs, I just stepped in a poodle...

Stepped outside this morning.   Cold wind from the south, nasty dark clouds overhead.  "Looks like rain", I thought.   I checked Accuweather, and they said it wasn't going to rain until tomorrow.  Sure enough, half an hour later, it was pouring rain.  I've always been good at predicting the weather, I really should go back to school and get my degree in meteorology.  I've already taken 3 college courses in the subject.  Unfortunately, the nearest school (at least, as of 1993) that offered a degree in meteorology was UC Davis.  :-P

I got a coupon in the mail today for 20% off at a local "educational" toy store, and since they had advertised a couple items I wanted, I decided to go ahead and get them while they were on sale.  The first was a 20Q, a handheld version of the popular  So far it's beaten me 7 times out of 10 (it failed to get 'weasel', 'photograph', and 'rubber ball').  I also purchased a FindIt, a clear tube filled with colorful plastic pellets, with several tiny objects hidden inside.  I've managed to find everything so far, except the marble, the fish, and the penny.   From the website, it looks like the penny is the hardest of all.

I hadn't eaten yet, and I was really in the mood for fried chicken, so on the way home, I stopped at the local Popeyes.   And discovered they have crayfish again!  Huzzah!   They may be ugly little things, but they sure are tasty when coated in spicy batter and deep fried.  :-)

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