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The longest 400 yards

This afternoon I braved the 20-30 MPH winds, near whiteout conditions and snow banks deep enough to swallow a person whole and made my way out to the road about 1/4 mile away. With my balaclava, dark goggles, two pair of pants, jacket and leather gloves, I didn't feel at all cold. Some parts of the driveway were clear, but there's a river of snow 6 feet deep and at least 50 feet wide crossing the driveway. Then after that, there's another river of snow 2 feet deep and a good 100 yards across.

Trudging through the snow and fighting the wind, I was exhausted by the time I reached the road. I was panting so hard my glasses were starting to fog up. The road looked fairly clear, though I did see a couple small snow banks crossing it in a couple spots. They looked fairly deep, but narrow enough one could probably ram through. I rested for a bit, then started working my way back.

I tried approaching the deepest snow bank from the back side, which had a gentler slope than the abrupt cliff facing the house, and discovered that it could hold my weight without me sinking in very far. Great. That means it's a very dense, hard snow that will be that much harder to clear.

And we got some more bad news, the neighbor who normally plows the driveway for us has a flat tire on his tractor. That means there's zero chance of getting his help before Monday at the earliest. That's assuming his tractor will even be able to handle that much snow. It's probably going to cost way more than the usual $50.

No chance in hell of shoveling through, and even if I could get this ancient snow blower working, I don't think it could handle that much snow.

Supposedly it snowed again tonight, but with all the blowing snow we've been having all night and all day, I couldn't really tell. The wind is supposed to keep up until Sunday when it will finally get above freezing during the day.

My SO's car is still stuck in the ditch out on the road somewhere. I suggested to him that he call AAA to get help, but he says he wants to save that for an emergency. We each get 4 calls a year, so I don't see the point in hording them. If getting stuck in a ditch for a week isn't an emergency, I don't know what is.
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