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So you better make that call to the Plow King

Fortunately, our neighbor managed to get a new tire for his tractor, so he came over and plowed the driveway.  It took a really long time, and ended up costing a whole $100.  Given the amount of snow he moved, that was a bargain.

The rear tires on that tractor are about 5 feet high and a couple feet or so wide.  There are 2 on each side.  (The device in the foreground is the rain gauge transmitter for my weather station)  There are now mountains of snow 8 or 9 feet high along the side of the driveway.  The place is going to be a horrible muddy, slushy morass for at least a couple weeks.

We borrowed a friend and his 4x4 pickup and went to try to extricate my SO's car.  When I saw how deeply buried it was, I wanted to call AAA immediately, but he insisted on trying to use the pickup and a tow rope.  The result?  A warped bumper skin and damage to the frame.

I was curious as to why his car had run for a minute or two then sputtered out, so I popped the hood.  The entire engine compartment was full of snow!  I tried pulling as much out as I could, but there was just too much.  I'm surprised the engine started at all.

I called AAA and they estimated that a wrecker couldn't get out there until 8 am then next morning.  I got a call about an hour later that they were on their way, but when they saw the road conditions in the area, they refused to proceed, so the car is still stuck out there.  In the morning I'm going to try calling private tow companies to see if they can help.  Hopefully AAA will reimburse at least part of the cost, since their driver wouldn't even try.
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