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Meme again?

1) State your FULL name: Troy Daniel Packrat

2) How old are you?: 31

3) What are you most interested in? : Anthropomorphics

4) What's your favorite movie? : The Last Unicorn

5) Insert an inside joke and don't explain it: "My lower half is a unicorn."

6) What's your hidden talent? : Weather prognostication

7) If you could have any roommate for 24 hours, whom would it be? : Alton Brown

8) Name one thing you don't think people know about you? : I was in the school choir every year from Kindergarden to 7th grade, and was in the school handbell choir for 4 years.

9) Tell us a collection you have. : Comic books.   Thousands and thousands of comic books.

10) What is your sign, baby? : Virgo

11) What's the one thing that you can't get enough of? : Bunnies!!!

12) What's the last book you read? : Last book I finished?  Paul Kidd's The Rats of Acomar.  Last book I started to read but haven't gotten around to finishing, Lisanne Norman's Turning Point 

13) If you could have one super-power, what would it be?: The ability to change shape.

14) What's something you can't get to sleep without? : My plush snuggle bunny.

15) What is the one event in life that you truly Regret? : There are many things I regret, but my life would not be what it is today, and I would not have all the wonderful friends I have today, unless those events occured as they did.

16) What's the longest time you've procrastinated with something that needed to be done? I haven't washed the dishes in nearly 2 weeks.   (Ick, I know!  I must buy a new dishwasher!)

17) Have you ever done something naughty in public you were afraid you got caught for but proud you didn't?  Yes.  It involved do something in a church bathroom that would probably have gotten me excommunicated (which is really something, because it wasn't a Catholic church....)

18) What's something your parents "always" told you that you now know to be true? "Yeah, well life isn't fair."

19) My question: What was your happiest moment?  Looking back at photos, I was always happiest when I was spending time with my grandfather.

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