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We're movin' on up!

I started moving my "equipment" into work today.  Books, tools, framed certificates, toys, and artwork.

I piled all the boxes onto a cart and as I went over a bump, naturally, the one box containing breakable stuff was the one that fell off.  Broke the ear off my lucky Chinese rat statue, crushed my can of Whoop Ass, and spilled Altoids all over the place.  Fortunately, I was able to glue the ear back on, and pop the can mostly back into shape.   Need more Altoids, though.

Also discovered all the batteries had gone bad.  Fortunately, the only ones that leaked were the ones in radio I'd gotten free from a local shopping maul.  The batteries in the expensive equipment were just dead dead dead.

Now I just need to wait for my permanent office to get cleaned out (it's full of boxes of t-shirts to be given away at the Christmas party thursday), then I can move out of this conference room and into my new home away from home.

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