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Sticking it to the man

My SO was feeling rather poorly this evening, so I finally managed to convince him to use the Freestyle blood test kit that used to belong to my grandmother.  Fortunately I am quite familiar with how to use it, as I used to help my grandmother with it all the time.  It took several stabs, since he wasn't being very cooperative and didn't want to be tested on the fingers.  I finally managed to get a pinpoint of blood, just enough to get a reading.  480!  Yikes!  That's about 4 times higher than it should be!  Perfect time for him not to have medical insurance.  :(

To be fair, I poked myself in the arm as well, and bled like a stuck pig.  Only 117.  No diabetes here!



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May. 5th, 2007 05:03 pm (UTC)
At this point in time, I'm almost willing to make the blanket statement of "Who has medical insurance these days?"...
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