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I was bad today

Several years ago, Microsoft was sued in California and settled.  As part of that settlement, anyone who'd bought a copy of DOS, Windows or Office (or bought a computer with this software) in California between 1995 and 2001 could file to receive part of the settlement.  I had a ton of Microsoft software, so I was expecting a pretty big refund.

After many years, I finally got a voucher for $240.  The only hitch is that I have to buy software or computer equipment (monitor, keyboard, printer, scanner, mouse or a complete pre-fab computer) to cash in the voucher.  I don't need any software, I don't need a printer or scanner, I build my own computers, and I certainly don't need $240 worth of keyboards and/or mice.  But I did have an old 17" monitor, and LCD's have come WAY down in price, so I figured that would be the way to go.

I did some shopping around and found that Sam's Club has a 22" widescreen ViewSonic VG2230wm for $299, a pretty good deal in its own right.  With tax and after the voucher it came to a mere $80!

I wanted to use the new monitor along with my old 17" in a dual-display setup, but my antique Matrox G400 (real men use graphics cards without fans!) couldn't handle two monitors with different resolutions.  Fortunately, my SO gave me his ATI X1600, so I was able to get the two hooked up.  And the old monitor looked SOOOO horrible next to the new one.   So small and so dim.  I was immediately tempted to go buy another 22" monitor.

So today I did.

Oh...  My...  God...

This setup is soooooo freaking amazing.  44 inches of monitor!  3360x1050 of desktop.  It takes up almost my entire desk!  I have a half dozen windows open, all at the same time with nothing covered up.

This is just...   wow.

And I now have a video card that can support modern games.  Too bad I'm still running Windows 2000.</b>
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