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Another milestone.

My brokerage account passed 5% profit yesterday.  In 9 weeks, I made as much money as I would have made if I put my funds in the bank for an entire year!  I'm almost making enough money to live off.

Biggest winners:

Excelsior Energy & Natural Resources Fund (UMESX), up 16.25%!
ConocoPhillips (COP), up 13.16%
Janus Contrarian Fund (JSVAX), up 10.99%
Matthews China Fund (MCHFX), up 10.66%


Walt Disney Company (DIS), down 2.86%
Prudent Bear Fund (BEARX), down 1.56%
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B), down 1.36%
British Petroleum (BP), down 0.92%
Sempra Energy (SRE), down 0.74%

(I'm also losing on QQQQ, down 0.38%, but I've only owned it for a single day so it doesn't really count.)

I'm most pleased with UMESX.  I knew energy was big money, but I had no idea.  Most of my oil company stocks are doing well, 5-13%, except BP which is in the hole for some reason.    I'm quite surprised about ConocoPhillips; I only bought it 3 weeks ago and it's made over 13%!  I regret not buying into Valero (VLO) a few months ago; it's gone up nearly 22% since I started trading.

My all-time biggest winner, percentage-wise, is still Penthouse International (PHSL.PK), which netted a 34.3% profit (that's an APY of 1,874%!)  Too bad I only bought $70 worth.

I've been reading up on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs, basically a mutual fund that's traded like a stock) and index-based mutual funds.  ETF's are more liquid than mutual funds (You can buy or sell an ETF within seconds, a mutual fund transaction can take days), usually have much lower management fees (0.10% for ETF's vs 1.50% for mutual funds, on average), and have no loads or early sale fees (as high as 5% for some mutual funds; you do have to pay a commission fee to trade an ETF, but for most brokers, that's only $7-12).   I might start shuffling some money around, getting rid of the poorer performing funds and stocks and buying Cubes, Diamonds and SPDRs. 



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Jun. 3rd, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
you kinda sound like Rabs... but I'm glad your stocks (some of them) made a good profit! Good luck on the future! best wishes! Pepe
Jun. 3rd, 2007 09:39 am (UTC)
I won't ask how much you have at risk, but if it's in the 6-figures, then you could do very well indeed with the right portfolio. In my case, though, I can only afford to put $20,000 on the line, and there's really only one horse in the whole race I know and trust, too - that's AAPL. So, my goal is to have AAPL turn that $20k into $30k AQAP, then cash out. All I want is to make enough money to live for a year, so I can write my book about my otters. It's that book I'm really counting on for my future security, not stocks...
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