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I quit my last job because they refused to give me a raise even though I hadn't had a raise in 2 years, they'd more than quadrupled my work load and they were paying way below what I could be making elsewhere.

Judging by the appearance of their web site, it looks like they've gotten what they paid for in hiring my replacement.

I'd used the DIA diagram editor to create several templates of the organization charts for the various company divisions.  I would then export them as bitmaps, then use GIMP to combine them into a single large JPEG for the company web site.  That way I could make changes and have a finished product with a consistent appearance.

My successor just took the JPEG and edited it in MS Paint.  As you can imagine. it looks like crap.

I was also tasked with updating the Flash version of the org chart which they had paid another company thousands of dollars to create.  When I started, I knew nothing about Flash, and it took me about 2 weeks to figure out how to do the updates.

Nearly 12 months after I quit, my successor finally figured out how to deal with the obsolete Flash chart.  He deleted it

I also created a nifty page showing the logos of all our major clients, and I used Javascript so when you moused over a logo, a tooltip would appear showing the work we did.

Given that company was one of the largest construction companies in California, I find it amazing that they haven't had any new customers in the past year.   Or maybe my successor just doesn't understand simple Javascript.

The original designer had created this elegant curved line motif than transitioned into a globe in the center of the page.  I took great pains to preserve this appearance.

My successor doesn't seem to care, there are now several obvious breaks in the lines were he's added or deleted something without fixing the backgrounds.

Thanks to their refusal to give me a raise, I was able to invest my inheritance in the stock market instead of buying a house, and now I'm making almost as much money sitting on my ass at home all day as I did working for them 40 hours a week.
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