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NEVER buy anything from Fry's that had been previously returned...

A few days ago, I'd installed a new Linksys VPN router for a business customer. The router kept resetting every few minutes, and nothing I did could get it to remain stable. Because this was an office with about 10 users, and some connectivity is better than none, I drove to Fry's to buy a new router. When I installed it in place of the previous one, it worked perfectly. Obviously the first router was defective. So I repackaged it and drove back to Fry's again to return it.

I tried to explain to the customer service creature that the router was defective. They made some excuse about the router being a different brand than the T-1 modem I was using (huh?), then slapped a return-to-stock label on it. So some other poor shmuck is going to end up stuck with the obviously defective router. Even worse, I didn't reset the router before returning it (I was in a hurry), so even if it wasn't defective, it wouldn't work for anyone else unless they think to reset it. I wonder if Fry's will put the router back on the shelves again when the next guy returns it....
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