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RIP one Optima

Plugged in the expensive brand new computer-controlled automatic-diagnostic battery charger, pressed the charge button and it immediately threw an error F02, Voltage Too Low To Accept Charge.  I went back in the house and started hunting for places that sell Optima batteries, when I discovered that it is an AGM (Absorption Glass Mat) cell, not a standard wet or gel cell like most automotive batteries.  This charger has a special mode for AGM batteries.

Feeling hopeful, I went back outside, hooked up the charger, put it in AGM mode, and pressed the charge button. 



Looks like I'll be hunting down a battery tomorrow.

I'm debating whether to stick with the Optima Red, which is a starter battery, or the Optima Yellow, which is a less powerful deep cycle battery.  Starter batteries are designed to use no more than 5% of their power; a full discharge significantly reduces it's battery life.  Deep cycle batteries are designed to be fully depleted and recharged without damage, but they produce less cranking power.  The Optima Yellow is also significantly more expensive than the Red, and it has only a 1 year warranty, the Red has 3 years.

Deep cycling a starter battery generally voids the warranty, so I doubt I'll be able to get a warranty replacement.




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Sep. 16th, 2007 07:52 pm (UTC)
I like the optima, assuming that this is the battery that resembles a six pack incased in plastic. I have also installed a breaker in the small pos battery cable as this prevents drawing the battery down over periods of non use.
I have used a two amp slow charge with a timer to prevent overcharging the sealed battery. Much better to do two or more partial re-chargings than overheat the unit.
Anyway a few small jolts may bring the battery up to where the computer charger will take over. Good luck.
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