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Nifty stuff I saw today.

Sam's Club:

Bushnell night vision monocular, $145.  The resolution isn't that great as it's only Gen-1, but this is the cheapest price I've ever seen for a night vision scope.

4 Megapixel automatic nature camera, $100.  Set it up outside and its motion sensor will automatically take photos of anything that happens by.

California Innovations collapsible ice chests, $10.  They had two kinds, a spring-loaded cylindrical "can cooler" that collapses down to about 1/4 it's full size, and a pizza box size "cooler tote" that folds in thirds.  Keeps cold foods cold and hot foods hot.  But not that the same time.  Keep one in the trunk for when you go shopping and buy ice cream.  Or pizza.

5.5 quart sauce pan, $15.  I'd have bought it in a heartbeat if it came with a lid.  It doesn't.

Disney Store:

25% off Ratatouiile stuff.

No Name Nutrition: 

Inversion table, $350.  You lay down, strap your feet in, it flips upside down and you hang by your ankles.  My back is screaming, "Yes, yes, yes!" but my wallet is screaming, "No!  No!  No!"
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