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Finally got a new pair of glasses today.  I've been using my backup pair for the past several years, and it had been a good 6 or 7 years since I last got glasses.  My prescription hasn't changed that much, but it's still enough to make everything look all weird for a while.

The new glasses are high-index plastic with Transitions light-sensitive tinting.  When I step outside, the lenses turn black in about a minute or two, then they turn back to clear when I go inside.  The brighter the daylight, the darker the lenses.  I have noticed they don't get very dark when I'm in the car; apparently they require UV light to darken.  I guess I'll need to buy some clip-on sunglasses for the car.

The frames are made of Flexon, an alloy of titanium that is extremely flexible.  I can fold, spindle and mutilate the frames, and they'll snap back into shape automatically.

These are the smallest pair of glasses I've ever owned; all my previous glasses had fairly large frames.  These are narrower, though still not as narrow as the trends seem to be.  It's also the lightest pair of glasses I've ever owned.

I also finally bought myself an A-2 flight jacket.  I'd been wanting one since I was in high school, but they were always so expensive and the weather in California too warm.  Now that I live someplace that gets cold enough to require a jacket, actually buying a jacket became more of a priority.  Last winter I made due with the flyweight jacket I got from my previous employer, and froze my ass off.  I found that Sporty's Pilot Shop carries current issue A-2 jackets for a very reasonable price ($240 for an XXL-Long with custom name patch). Now I have a decent jacket that should keep me nice and warm even on the windiest winter nights.

The jacket is quite comfortable and fits me perfectly.  I'm very glad I ordered the Long version.  It's nicely warm, yet not too hot.  It shouldn't be too much longer before it will be cool enough outside for me to wear it all the time.

The jacket doesn't have any patches or anything yet, other than a Velcro name patch on the left breast.  I'm still trying to figure out what, if any, patches I want sewn onto it.  I'm also considering hiring a furry artist to paint a "nose art" image on the back.  I'm need to work out what I'd want painted, if anything.  And then actually finding an artist who could do the work....

I'll post pics as soon as I can get someone to take them.
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