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Squeaky wheel....

A week or so ago, I complained to McDonald's about how their employees could only get my coffee order correct 25% of the time (they're up to 40% now).  Today I found in my mailbox a letter of apology and a bunch of coupons.   One free large sandwich, one free Dollar Menu item and 2 free medium "Extra Value" meals.

I guess if they're free, then they're an extra Extra Value.

The coupons have shiny color-shifting foil and a notice to the restaurant to verify the authenticity of the coupon with the foil seal.  I guess they had a problem with counterfeit coupons?

Continuing to look through the fine print, it says "Prices may vary".  I didn't know that the price of free could vary.



Oct. 8th, 2007 04:38 pm (UTC)
I've generally had pretty good luck with complaints being resolved, but then again, I also tend to escalate things past line employees. If it's fairly minor, like an occasional incorrect order, I ask to speak to the manager. They usually offer a free replacement for the item.

For gross incompetence, like repeated wrong orders, I take it up with their corporate headquarters. They tend to give out coupons by the handful. I guess they figure if you've taken the time to write them, you're probably pretty steamed and they're at risk of losing a customer. I've only had to do this this 3 or 4 times, but they've all resulted in 3-5 coupons for free stuff.