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The rain rain rain came down down down

Rainfall Amounts
Friday night0.9 inches
Saturday night0.6 inches
Sunday night1.5 inches
Total Rainfall4.0 inches


NWS Statement as of 2:00 am CDT on October 15, 2007

... Record rainfall at Omaha...

Rainfall of 1.71 inches fell at Omaha Eppley Airfield on October 14.
This rainfall breaks the record for that day of 0.95 inches which
was set back in 1905.

Not only did Omaha break the daily record for October 14... the
added rainfall brought the monthly rainfall today to 5.90 inches for
October. This breaks the record for the month of October which was
5.86 inches which was set back in 1877. More rainfall is expected
today and then again on Wednesday which will only add to the
monthly total.
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