Captain Packrat (captpackrat) wrote,
Captain Packrat

Harvest time

Closeup of an ear of corn.  Most of the corn around here is dent corn (also called field corn), and is nothing like what most people think of when they think of corn (i.e., sweet corn).  Dent corn has a very thick hull, so it's only edible if it is ground into cornmeal or soaked in lye to produce hominy.  Most dent corn is used for animal feed, ethanol production and for making corn syrup.

Fields of corn ready for harvest.  Unlike sweet corn, which is picked while the plant is still green, dent corn must dry out before it can be harvested.

Picture of a barn hidden behind a field of corn.

Not really a harvest picture, but a nice pic of the sun shining through some trees.
Tags: harvest, pictures

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