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Black Sabbath... err... Friday

I had some coupons for Costco that were only good Friday through Sunday, so we decided to go there on Friday.

I was really surprised just how empty the shopping centers were.  Costco, Sam's, Home Depot and Wal*Mart all seemed to have the normal number of shoppers, and traffic levels on the roads seemed normal for a Friday afternoon/evening.  I'm not sure whether it's just a Nebraska thing (the state is dangerously underpopulated, to borrow a line from Apu), or if this year is going to be a bust shopping-wise (better sell my stocks now).

Nobody really seemed to have any decent Black Friday deals, other than Costco.

At Costco I picked up a Skil cordless drill/driver for $30 and a Crescent 211 piece tool set for $80.  Unfortunately, the latter turned out to be missing a socket, so I'm going to have to return it.  I picked up some gifts, including a copy of Mass Effect for my SO's birthday.  As we left the store, the receipt-checker handed me a cookbook, Favorite Recipes the Costco Way.

Popped over to Home Depot and Wal*Mart for some minor items, then over to Sam's Club.  I picked up a nifty cordless rotary tool for $30, along with the usual Car Whole and 18CTGRAALARG.  I noticed they had good quality 80/20 ground chuck patties $6.41 for 6 pounds. That's about $1.07 a pound.  I haven't seen that good a price for even crap ground beef chubs in a while, let alone 80% lean chuck in preformed patties.  This price is either a tremendous mistake or else they're trying to get rid of them, so I grabbed 3 packages.  I'd have bought more, but I didn't think we had the freezer space.

It was really late by the time we started home, so I decided to stop at Popeye's to pick up some chicken for dinner.  Good thing, since there were having an "our worst day of the year" sale, 20 pieces for $9.99.  Of course, by the time you add in sides, it's up to $20, but it's still a pretty good bargain.



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Nov. 25th, 2007 12:38 am (UTC)
Many of the experts around here are predicting a very lean holiday shopping season. High energy prices, the housing market collapse, and vastly overextended credit are finally making many people curtail their spending. Uncertainty over politics, the war in the middle east, and their own debts and savings are all contributing to the situation.

We still heard the stories on the news about people camping out overnight or even since Wednesday, missing the Thanksgiving feast, in order to be first in line at the door of retailers offering limited numbers of bargain consumer items, but the overall report on activity in the stores on Friday was nothing like what it has been in the past. Typically the traffic reports have switched over to parking reports, counting the empty parking spaces at the big malls around Chicago. This year neither the traffic nor the parking competition seemed to be very significant.
Nov. 25th, 2007 01:37 am (UTC)
Popeye's here didn't have that good a special for Friday. Their offer was 12 pieces for $8.99. I wasn't around to take advantage of it anyway so no biggie.
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