Captain Packrat (captpackrat) wrote,
Captain Packrat

A few pics

This is "a 20% chance of snow", falling from the sky and all over the lawn.  (This was Wednesday, by Saturday most of the snow has melted, but there are still a few small patches)

Donation box seen at a local Pamida.  The viewer is left to his imagination.

An old picture of my engine.  Removing the "home plate" resonator frees up a few extra horses but leaves a gaping hole exactly the size of a regulation hockey puck.  I eventually replaced the intake elbow with one from a Camaro, which lacks the resonator hole, so I don't have a bunny under the hood anymore.

My computer tool kit.  It started life as a Belkin 65-piece tool kit acquired while I was working at Computer Renaissance.  I have since replaced almost every tool in it.  I think the only original parts left are the vacuum & attachments, the anti-static wrist strap and the sockets.  This kit contains 95% of the tools I have ever needed when working on computers.  If I could add a small multimeter, the kit would be pretty much complete.
Tags: bunnies, car stuff, pictures, plush, snow
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