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Ice storm. Boring.

The NWS issued an Ice Storm Warning for Saturday.  The predictions seemed pretty dire; they warned of ice accumulations of up to an inch, dangerous driving conditions and possible power outages.  I knew we were very low on salt (we only had a couple handfuls leftover from last year), so I drove into town Friday to stock up.

When I looked outside this morning, it was about 32°F outside and raining.  There was a thin layer of ice on the sidewalk, despite the fact that I'd thrown salt out last night.  I tossed out some more salt and went back inside.

When I checked again around 1 PM, the temperature had climbed to 50°F and there wasn't a trace of ice anywhere.  Even the deck, which I hadn't salted, was completely clear.

It's now 11:20, and the temp is still above freezing, 37°F.

Some ice storm.
Tags: weather, winter

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