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Going postal at the mall

I was driving down the freeway this afternoon when a bunch of police cars zoomed past with their lights on.  An unmarked, too.  They didn't appear to be in pursuit of anyone, and they soon got far enough ahead that I couldn't see them anymore, so I forgot about it.

As I was getting off the freeway at Dodge Rd, I saw a police helicopter circling above the area.  I began to wonder what was going on, but I just continued on my way.

I got to the Costco and inside a bunch of people were gathered around a radio, listening to a news broadcast.

Apparently some kid had just shot up the Westroads Mall, just the other side of the freeway from the Costco.  8 or 9 people killed, more injured.  Yikes.  Well, that explains the cops and the helo.

Glad I decided not to go to the mall today.
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