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Year of the Mall Rat

We went out for Chinese food today.  (No, we're not Jewish, and it's not Christmas Day yet!)  After the meal, the waitress brought me a wall calendar.  I knew next year would be the Year of the Rat, so I was quite eager.

Here's the calendar they gave me:

Whoa!  Major cameltoe on that rat!

When I went to the front to pay the bill, I noticed they had several other Rat calendars, though none of them really caught my fancy, save one.  I asked if I could have one of those, and the guy gave me one:

I received the first of my shipments today.  I got Meet the Feebles and The White Seal on DVD (alas, they haven't sent Rikki-Tikki-Tavi or Mowgli's Brothers, even though they were in stock), a CD of Dr. Demento music, Hits from Outer Space, and a box set of Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials in hardcover.

While shopping at Sam's Club, I discovered they had the boxed set of Harry Potter novels in hardcover, for a mere $104!  The set normally lists for $195, though Amazon has it for $117.  The box looks like a chest complete with lock, handles and a sheet of old-fashioned suitcase labels.

I desperately need a new pair of boots.  These would be fine except the soles have worn almost completely flat.  They are becoming quite treacherous when walking on ice.  I tried going to the mall today to search for boots, but the place was insanely crowded, much worse than Black Friday.  It took quite a bit of driving around to find a place in the back of the lot.  I finally managed to get inside, but couldn't find a store that sold the kind of boots I'm looking for (steel toed with ESD protection).  Getting out of the maul was even worse.  It seemed like everyone picked that moment to leave, as there were now plenty of open spaces and the line of cars going out was now beginning to stretch from one exit to the next.

I tried to use Goog-411 to find a store that sold boots, but apparently their voice recognition software can't understand the difference between "boot" and "boat".  So I'm stuck with these old things for the time being.
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