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Doesn't anyone care anymore?

Doesn't anyone care about their cars anymore? I regularly see people driving brand new cars 80-90 MPH on the freeway (you should never drive a new car over 50 during the break-in period). I've had so many people slam their car doors into mine that I now take up two spaces when I park. Despite that, I've still had someone hit my bumper at least twice in the past few weeks (no damage, fortunately)

Just today at the gas station, I saw a woman throw her door open, slamming it into a concrete post. She didn't flinch, she didn't stop to check the damage, she didn't even seem to acknowledge what she'd done, she just went on with filling her gas tank as if smashing up her car was an everyday occurance for her.

Is everyone just incredibly stupid now, or do people just not care about anyone or anything but themselves?
Tags: car stuff, stupidity

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