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Rime of the ancient mariner

This morning the trees outside were bright white, covered in ice.  It hadn't rained or snowed, but the ice was a more unusual kind, rime ice.  Rime forms from below freezing fog; the ice crystals build up on any exposed surface.

I watched Modern Marvels:  Fast Food Tech last night and got a serious craving for French Freedom fries, so we went to Wendy's today.  The fries were good, but their Baconator sandwich is rather disappointing, especially for its obscene price.  Not nearly enough bacon.  We sat in front of a window advertisement with raccoons.

Went looking for boots today.  Ended up buying some cheap steel-toed shoes from Wal*Mart, only $25.  I also picked up a pair of almost knee-high rubber boots, also with a steel toe, for $18.  Probably a bit more than I need around here, but I wanted something I could walk around in the mud & sheep without worrying about messing them up.  I also bought a cheap pair of ice crampons, but they don't seem to fit my old boots or my new shoes.  I'd have to drive a nail or something into the heel to make them stay on.  :P

I ended up spending a lot more money than I expected today; while looking at flashlights in the sporting goods area, I saw a Gold's Gym weight machine for a mere $190.  I've been wanting to get back into weight training (I used to lift weights in high school), and thought this would be a good opportunity, especially considering the other machines I'd been considering were $800 and $2000.  My SO had been wanting an exercise bike for aerobic exercise, and they had a recumbent for $100, so I bought one of those too.  Now if I could just buy the willpower to keep using both machines every day....
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