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I guess I'm going to be dragged kicking and screaming into upgrading my PC.

Microsoft has all but abandoned Windows 2000.  Logitech and many other companies no longer produce products for 2000.  The newest iPods won't work under 2000,.

And now, I'm going to end up having to upgrade, not because of hardware failure, lack of capacity or a desire for something faster.  No.  It's because I can't get an anti-virus for a reasonable price that will work with 2000 Server.

Eset used to sell a single user license of NOD32 for Windows 2000 Server that cost the same as the regular home user version, about $35 a year.  All the other AV makers only sell multi-user license packs, running around $250-500 for 5-10 users.  I don't need that many licenses, and there is no way in hell I'll pay $250 for ONE YEAR of anti-virus.  Now Eset has jumped on the bandwagon, they don't sell single licenses either.

So I guess I've got no choice now but to upgrade.
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