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This is my 1000th LiveJournal post!

First post: October 3, 2004

Top 10 commenters:
bubbycat 154 comments
altivo 96 comments
mortonfox 89 comments
rummy_raccoon 78 comments
dakhun 62 comments
plushlover 55 comments
blazerraccoon 31 comments
kaysho 30 comments
animale 30 comments
gafennec 28 comments

Average number of comments per post: 1.5

Most frequently used words (excluding common words like "I", "the", "and", etc):
today 261 times
car 209 times
snow 154 times
couple 118 times
drive 115 times
stuff 114 times
buy 102 times
someone 97 times
bought 97 times
finally 93 times

Most frequently used common words:
the 7067 times
I 3556 times
a 3382 times
to 3362 times
and 2988 times

Longest words:
hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia 34 characters
lauwiliwilinukunuku'oi'oi 23 characters
humuhumunukunukuapua'a 21 characters
phenylpropanolamine 19 characters (used 3 times)
disproportionately 18 characters (used twice)
metalloproteinases 18 characters
conscientiousness 17 characters
anthropomorphics 16 characters (used twice)
miscommunication 16 characters
responsibilities 16 characters

Most posts in one day: 5
September 15, 2007
April 4, 2005
November 21, 2005

Most common tags:
work 85 uses
meme 83 uses
pictures 77 uses
weather 76 uses
geekery 70 uses
food 66 uses
silliness 64 uses
annoyances 60 uses
health 54 uses
car stuff 49 uses

Strangest post: Rabbit Hole Day

Number of pictures uploaded to LJ Scrapbook: 357

Regressive Imagery Analysis:
Top 3 Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for captpackrat's journal
Compared to: Everyone
What does this mean?

Bottom 3 Categories
Regressive Imagery Analysis for captpackrat's journal
Compared to: Everyone
Social Behavior16.1%16.1%
Moral Imperative23.9%23.9%
What does this mean?
Tags: lj

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