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Old old old family pictures

I was formatting my grandfather's autobiography for use on the Kindle when I came across a cache of image files, scans he'd made of old family photos.

My Great-Great-Great-Great-Uncle Zachariah Lewis.

My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather Malachi Lewis (seated near the center) and his family.  My Great-Great-Grandfather John Douglas Lewis is standing in the back row, far left, with his wife (and my Great-Great-Grandmother) Lillie seating in front of him.

My Great-Great-Grandfather, John Douglas Lewis.

John Douglas Lewis and family standing in front of their Garfield, GA home.

John Douglas Lewis' children, clockwise from the tall girl, Luck, Ottis, Byron, Albert (my Great-Grandfather) and John.

My Great-Grandfather, Albert Chapman Lewis.

My Great-Grandmother, Tevis Thelma Grubbs Lewis.

From left to right, my Grandfather's sister Betty, my Grandfather, my Great-Grandmother Tevis and my Grandfather's brother Robert.

Four generations of the Lewis family, my Great-Great-Grandmother Lillie, my Great-Grandmother Tevis, my Grandfather and his daughter (my aunt) Linda.

My Grandparents and their children, oldest to youngest, my uncle Roger, aunt Linda and my mother, standing in front of their new 1955 Chevy.

A photo taken of my Grandfather in Korea, 1952.

A newspaper clipping showing my Grandfather's promotion to Gunnery Sergeant.  He is on the left, shaking hands with his commanding officer, Col. Carl L. Sitter.

My Grandparents all dressed up for a formal function.


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Mar. 26th, 2008 10:30 am (UTC)
You're so fortunate your family has preserved such ancient images. Make sure you pass them on to other family members who will pass them on in turn. (I just found a 17-year-old grandnephew I didn't even know I had; he will be the recipient of my father's family's old photos when the time comes.)

Incidentally, I finally did my tax comps the other day, and you traded 10x the $-amount of securities I did in 2007. I'm small potatoes, for sure! ^^
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