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My family is gone, my SO is gone, I'm home alone at Christmas for the first time ever.

There are no decorations, no tree, no Christmas lights, no presents, no carols, no Christmas dinner.  I'm just skipping Christmas this year, waiting for the clock to run out tonight so I can get it over with.  Maybe next year, when my SO returns, I'll have an old-fashioned Christmas.  ("Pagan?"    "No...")

I find myself a bit annoyed that all the stores are closed for the day.  I'm doing laundry, and ran out of fabric softener.  And I really don't want to go anywhere tomorrow.


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Dec. 25th, 2004 05:47 pm (UTC)
Don't feel too bad. I can relate. I didn't get anything this year for Christmas er oh yea except sister brought me a 12 pack of bubba cola for Christmas. I didn't put a tree up or lights either this year. It's been kinda boring so far today nothings happening. but just a little while ago my sister came over showed me what the inside of there 18 wheeler looks like. Anyways hope you feel better soon. I get depressed too sometimes at this time of year. gotta go now. Hugs and have a good day. Oh yea happy new deer, er new year :) hehe. Ps I'm out of fabric softener too :) hehe I bet the store are closed too. O well merry cristmouse anyways er Christmas I kid :) Ps do you wanna sell me some of that warm California weather ? I hate my cold here and warm air would be nice to surround the house with. hehe I kid.
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