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Nearing the end of an era.

The second to the last American WWI veterans died yesterday.  Harry Richard Landis of Tampa, FL died at age 108.

The last German WWI vet, Erich Kaestner, died New Years Day at age 107.

The final remaining US WWI vet is Frank Buckles of Charles Town, WV, age 107.  The last remaining Canadian WWI vet is John Babcock, now living in Spokane, WA, also age 107.  There is also one remaining Austro-Hungarian vet, Franz Kunstler, age 107, and one Ottoman vet, Yakup Satar, age 109.  There is one Australian vet, John Campbell Ross, 108,  one French vet, Lazare Ponticelli, age 110, and two Italians, Delfino Borroni and Francesco Chiarello, both 109.   There are six British WWI vets still alive, Claude Choules, 106, Sydney Lucas and William Stone, both 107, Gladys Powers (also the only surviving female WWI vet), 108, Harry Patch, 109 and Henry Allingham, 111.

There are only 14 people still alive who served in the War the End All Wars.
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