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These boots WEREN'T made for walkin'

Last Saturday, I finally found a pair of steel-toed boots that fit and were comfortable.  They were a might pricey at $100, but I've been having a really hard time finding a decent pair of boots that don't hurt my feet, and they had zippers on the side so I wouldn't have to deal with having to lace and unlace my boots all the time.

And they were working just great, until last night.  I was putting my boots on, and tugged on the zipper pull to zip them up...  And the zipper just kept on going, all the way off the boot.

The salesman said I had 30 days to return the boots if they didn't fit right.  I'd say with the whole side of the boot wide open, they don't fit right anymore.

Why is it there were more boot stores in San Diego than there are in Nebraska, home of corn and cows?



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Mar. 11th, 2008 12:21 pm (UTC)
Have you tried Danner boots? Most the people I work with use them. I've been buying CAT boots because they seem to fit me a bit better but the craftmanship sucks both pairs I've had start to fall apart within the first month of use.
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