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New phone

My Verizon contract expires in a few days, and their service here is horrible (it's fun to get a call about a job and have the call drop), so I had been looking to switch providers.  I was highly impressed by the performance of my Kindle, which uses Sprint and gets 5 bars all the time.

My Dell Axim PDA is getting a bit long in the tooth (and short in the battery), so I decided to get a PDA-phone.  I have a bunch of software for Windows Mobile already, so that brought my choices down to three, the Treo 700w, the HTC Touch or the HTC Mogul.  I've dealt with Treos before and didn't like them, so it was between the Touch and the Mogul.  The Touch is a bit slimmer and came with GPS and Sprint TV capability, while the Mogul has a slide-out keyboard.  I opted for the Mogul because I tend to text more often than I make calls.

I spent Saturday night and most of Sunday installing software and getting my new phone tweaked out just the way I wanted it.

And wouldn't you know it, HTC released a ROM update Monday.  Installing the update wipes the memory on the unit, destroying all the work that I did the past couple days.  But the new ROM adds high-speed Internet access, GPS capability, a task manager, improved Bluetooth performance and some software fixes.  It's annoying that I have to reinstall everything, but the upgrade is definitely worth it.

I'll post pics and a review soon.

EDIT:  YES!!!  The new GPS capability works perfectly with Google Maps Mobile!  No need to pay Sprint $10 a month for their navigation software when I can use Google for free!


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Mar. 11th, 2008 12:12 pm (UTC)
I recently got the t-mobile wing by HTC. Its a really cool phone unless you plan to use it. win mobile 6 takes up damn near all the memory on the phone and it glitches like crazy. Currently playing with some memory management apps to band aid my phone until hopefully some time this summer HTC releases an update for it. Your phone is shinier *plots*
Mar. 11th, 2008 05:10 pm (UTC)
Normally in Windows Mobile, clicking the (X) button in the upper right corner doesn't really exit the program, so everything just keeps sucking up RAM. The only way to kill a program is to go through an obtuse sequence (Start->Settings->System->Memory->Running Programs->Select program->Stop, 7 screen taps!) One of the apps included with the new Mogul ROM is a task manager that lets you actually exit programs with just a single tap.

Try installing PocketNav on your phone: http://www.scottandmichelle.net/scott/cestuff.html It's old and looks a bit ugly under WM6, but it's very effective (and I'd installed it on my Mogul with the previous ROM).
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