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No wire hangers ever!

Had some coupons for Costco so I picked up a box of 50 wooden hangers for a mere $20.  I'll finally be able to get rid of all my old wire hangers.  I also picked up a nice Jabra Bluetooth speakerphone for only $50.

I picked up the last two Voltron DVD sets, so I now have all five metal lion cases.  I also picked up the second season of Drawn Together and the third volume of Beavis & Butthead, and just for the sheer cheese factor, I bought Galactica 1980, "with all ten thrilling episodes on two discs".

I'm always pessimistic about job interviews; I'm really not sure how well I did.  My SO apparently kicked ass at his interview; within a few hours he'd been called in to fill out paperwork and take a drug test.
Tags: job hunt, movies, shopping

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