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I bought an 8 Gig memory card for my cellphone and loaded it with music.  Unfortunately, the phone has a funky headphone connector, so I couldn't use good headphones; I only had the flimsy earbuds it came with.  But I recalled seeing a nifty looking Motorola cordless Bluetooth stereo headphones (MOTOROKR S9) that would be perfect, except for the price tag, $130!

A couple days ago I got a coupon for 25% off one accessory at the Sprint store, and I found that the price of that Bluetooth headphones had been reduced to $100, which would make it $75 after the coupon.  Not a horrible price for cordless stereo headphones that also can be used as a hands-free set for making phone calls.

So I opened the box in the car and pluged it into my car charger (it uses the same mini-USB plug as the phone), then went about doing the grocery shopping.  The headphones were fully charged by the time I got back, so I decided to try them out...

My head is too big!!!

The headphones aren't really adjustable; they're meant to hook over the ears much like eyeglasses, with the band (holding the batteries) resting behind the neck.  But my head is too big and the headphones were stretched to the limit.  If I moved my head, the earpieces would pop out of my ears.

It's not a total loss; my SO wanted cordless headphones for his new cellphone, but I only had the one coupon, and the headphones fit him, so I gave them to him.  He gave me his old earpiece headset, and I used another coupon at Costco to get a nice pair of noise-canceling headphones for cheap.
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