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A few weeks ago, I bought a MOTOROKR S9 Bluetooth stereo headphones, but it wouldn't fit my ginormous 7-7/8 head, so I gave it to my SO.  He in turn gave me his old Motorola H500 (mono) headset.  I works fine and it's comfortable to wear, but being a few years old, the battery doesn't last as long as it should; the other day I completely depleted it in under 12 hours on standby.  Since it's unusable while it's plugged in, 12 hours standby really limits its usefulness.

This HTC Mogul is a really great PDA, but it's a pretty lousy phone.  It's heavy and bulky and holding to my ear for even a short call can be really tiring.  A headset is almost a necessity with it.

Today at Costco I saw the Motorola H700 for $59.99 and the H680 (I think) for $29.99.  Both included wall and car adapters.  The H680 looks really clean and sleak, but it is the kind that fits inside your ear and the ear loop is a thin piece of wire, which I don't really think would be comfortable for long-term usage; the H700 is a bit bulkier looking but sits over the ear and has a large, rubber ear loop, similar to the H500.  I ended up buying the H700, and I had a rebate check that knocked about $35 off the price.  Whoot.

When I got it home and read the instructions, I realized I made a really great choice.  This headset has a REALLY smart design feature:  swinging open the microphone turns the headset on.  Most headsets, everything has to be done with one button; on the H500, you press the button briefly to make or end a call, hold it down a bit longer to turn the headset on or off, and hold it down even longer to pair.  Annoying.

This headset can also be left off instead of remaining on standby and draining the batteries.  When a call comes in, you just open the microphone, it connects to the phone in a second or two and automatically answers the call.

Now I just need some kind of belt pouch or something to carry the headset.  I'd rather not wear it on my ear all the time.
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