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1. Are you a vegetarian? Vegan?
Nope, nada, never.  PETA stands for People for the Eating of Tasty Animals.

2. What's your favorite food?
Beef Stroganoff served over jasmine rice.  Though a good rib eye steak, seasoned with nothing but seasoned salt and cooked on a grill until medium is pretty darn close.

3. White bread or whole wheat?
I generally make my own bread, and I usually make white bread with ground flax seed or wheat germ.

4. What's for breakfast?
Most often, cereal.

5. You're making a Dagwood sandwich. What's in it?
Assorted meats and cheeses

6. What's on your pizza?
Extra extra extra extra extra cheese, lots of meats.

7. Coffee, tea, milk, or soda?
Depends on what I'm eating.  Most of the time I drink fruit juice if it's available, otherwise iced tea.  I'll drink soda if the iced tea is instant or syrup.

8. Dark, milk, or white chocolate?
So dark that light cannot escape its surface.

9. Teetotal, beer, wine, or hard liquor?
Complete, 100% teetotaler.  I do not drink alcohol, for any reason, ever.  I don't have a problem with others drinking, though.

10. Does cilantro taste like citrus, or like soap?
Soap.  Ick.

11. Is chorizo the greatest thing ever or is it totally disgusting?
I don't think I've ever had it by itself, but I've had it in stuff (burritos and such) and it's OK.  It's just a kind of sausage, and I haven't encountered many sausages I haven't liked.  Hell, I love braunswager (liver sausage), and that stuff turns off a lot of people.

12. Do you use garlic like a vegetable or like a spice?
I usually use it like a spice, though I have been known to eat it caramelized.

13. Onions: raw, cooked, or not at all?
Raw on burgers or sandwiches, cooked in other dishes.  I love caramelized Vidalias.

14. Does broccoli taste sweet or bitter?
Neither, though I'm not overly fond of broccoli.  I have nothing against raw cauliflower, however.

15. How do you feel about fish?
Tasty fish!  As long as it doesn't look like fish (i.e., no head or tails, thank you).

16. How about sushi?
No raw fish, but I like sushi made with cooked fish (California rolls, etc).

17. Fave ethnic cuisine?
California Mexican (which isn't really what they eat in Mexico, but closer than what they serve in places like Taco Hell)

18. What's your favorite fruit?
Fresh pineapple.  Nothing tastes better than fresh, sweet pineapple spears.

19. Cheese - thumbs up or thumbs down?
7 thumbs up!  I love almost all kinds of cheese, with the exception of French moldy cheeses (Brie, Camembert, etc).  Everything else, I probably eat entirely too much of.  I'll never have to worry about osteoporosis.

20. Finally, favorite dessert?
Red velvet cake.  With lots of cream cheese frosting.
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