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Raining cats & dogs? More like sheep & goats!

I don't think Southern California has gotten rain like this since the El Niño storms of 1980-something. The winds were strong enough to topple FULL garbage cans, and the rain was coming down in buckets at various times.

Lindberg Field reported gusts to 58 MPH, a new record, and Burns Canyon got up to 77 MPH! Arrowhead received over 8-1/2 inches of rain in 48 hours. Lindburgh Field got nearly 3 inches of rain. The San Diego River got up to flood stage (10 feet above normal), more than enough to flood the roads around Fashion Valley.

According to the NWS, showers are expected to continue into next Wednesday, but looking at the satellite and jet stream, I'm a little doubtful of this.
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