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Not Sii, Wii.

I was in Costco the other day and they actually had a handful of Wiis in stock!  I grabbed one.  The cashier was surprised, she thought they'd sold out.  When I went back the next day, they were all gone.

The kit came with a Wii (with Wiimote with jacket, Nunchuk and Wii Sports), Wii Play (with a second Wiimote with jacket), a second Nunchuk and Super Mario Galaxy.  I also purchased Super Smash Bros Brawl, pretty much the only Wii game Costco had that interested me.

Mario might have been fun, but I got pissed off because I kept dying because of the camera.  Wii Sports is surprisingly fun, and tiring.  I can see why the Wii is so popular, it really is a great way to get exercise.  I actually haven't tried Wii Play yet.

I've been having a lot of fun with Smash Bros.  I'm still trying to learn all the moves and stuff.  I'm not that great at fighter type games, I tend to be more of the mash-all-the-buttons-at-once kind of player, but at least Smash Bros doesn't have the kind of obscure special attack key sequences that some other games (like Street Fighter) have.  So far the best characters seem to be Fox, Pit, Link and believe it or not, the Ice Climbers.  I actually completed my first Normal level Solo Challenge using the Ice Climbers.  I'm still working on unlocking the additional characters, so far I've only unlocked Marth, Captain Falcon and Ness.  I'm looking forward to unlocking Lucario and Falco.

I'd like to buy a Wii Fit, but from what I've been seeing, they're apparently pretty popular.  Even is sold out.  "New and Used from $182.24"  Yeah, right! (MSRP is $89.99)  I might get Wii Ski also, since it supports the Wii Fit balance board.  I also want to get Raving Rabbids, Mario Kart and maybe Zelda.  And I should probably pick up a couple Classic Controllers, supposedly Smash Bros. is easier with it than with the Nunchuk.

My Wii Friend code is 6194 5646 7192 1739
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