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We Ski

I'd bought it at the same time as Wii Fit, but I only now have gotten around to trying We Ski, the first after-market game to make use of the Balance Board.  It's actually a lot of fun, and very tiring.  I played for about 90 minutes and I'm beginning to feel sore.  You can play it without the nearly-impossible-to-find board, but you don't get nearly the same level of exercise.  The board adds a real level of intuitiveness to the game, you just step on and shift your weight to turn left or right, kinda like real skiing, and you swing the Wiimote and Nunchuk just like you would ski poles.  I didn't even read the instructions, I just hit the bunny slope.  (Getting the hang of controlling yourself so you don't run into people is another matter.)

Now if I could only find someone selling Mario Kart Wii...
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