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My home has been ruined

I noticed Google Street View now covers most of Vista, so i decided to look up my old home, the house my grandparents lived in for almost 50 years.

It's been ruined.

The front lawn was lovely Zoysia grass that stayed green all year round and felt absolutely incredible to walk on. Now it's patchy and half of it has been torn out. There was an excellent automated pop-up sprinkler system, but that's obviously been ripped out as well.

There was a magnificent magnolia tree in the front yard that had been there for at least 40 years. It's gone now. As is the trellis and star jasmine that used to be in front of my bedroom window and filled the house with perfume on summer evenings.

The backyard had all kinds of fruit trees, including a couple cherries, several varieties of orange and an avocado. These trees produced literally hundreds of dollars worth of fruit each year. Most have now been torn out so the owner could park a trailer.

The wrought iron mailbox post is gone, replaced with a plain wooden post like every other house in the world. The attractive yet strong security screen made of decorative steel loops is gone too. Oddly enough, they kept the plastic hose reel box sitting out front.

The house has been painted a hideous battleship gray. I hope that's just a bad photo or something, or else that house has now become the fugliest in the neighborhood.

One of the major selling points of this place was the fantastic views from the backyard. Surrounding the house was a simple chain link fence. It provided protection without affecting the view. That's been replaced with an ugly solid brown wooden fence that obscures everything. They might as well be living underground now.

I'm feeling so depressed now.
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