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Here's your free downgrade!

It's time for another episode of Good Guys/Bad Guys

A month ago, the corner of my 4G Lexar SDHC card broke, rendering it unusable in my camera.  I wasn't doing anything unusual with it, it just broke off when I pulled it out of the card reader.  I sent it in to Lexar for warranty replacement; I finally got the replacement back today.

I sent them a 4G Platinum II 60X card.  They sent me back a Ritz-branded 4G Class 2 card.  What's the difference?  A 60X card is about 4.5 times faster than a Class 2 card.

Most companies, if they are unable to send the same item, will give you a free upgrade.  I sent Lexar a fairly high end card, and they sent me back the cheapest thing in their entire line.
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