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I got woken up this morning by an airplane buzzing by the house.  I figured it was our friend in the Air Tractor, and he sounded even closer, so I started getting dressed.  It took him a while to do the field Saturday, so I didn't hurry or anything.  Had I known what was actually going on, I'd have just thrown on my bathrobe and raced outside.

By the time I finished dressing and changing filters on my camera, it was too late, the pilot had left the area.  Then my roommate told me the plane had been spraying the soybean field right in front of the house.  I'm really annoyed that I missed that, because it must have been an aerobatic extravaganza to rival the Blue Angels.  This particular field is rather small, only about 6 acres, and is bordered on the north and south by tall trees and there is a 3 story barn less than 10 yards from the eastern edge.  And to make things even more difficult, there are telephone wires running east-west across the middle of the field, and then north-south across the road on the western edge.  He would have had to do some awfully skillful maneuvering to cover the whole field.

I'm rather annoyed that I missed the whole thing.
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