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Mouth of the Platt

I had some business today in Plattsmouth, and after I was done, I walked along the main street taking photos. Most of the buildings in this part of town date to the 1880s and 1890s! Plattsmouth is the county seat and the largest city in Cass County, Nebraska. Population was 6,887 in the 2000 census.

Cass County Courthouse

Unlike most courthouses I've been to, this one has almost no security. There's a couple Sheriff's officers patrolling about, but there's no metal detectors, no X-ray equipment, no pulling off your shoes to get in.

Courthouse cornerstone.

The one side is kind of hard to read because of the angle of the sun. It says "Courthouse, 1891, Wm. Gray, Arct., OJ King, Cont."

Courthouse and Law Enforcement Center

Cass County War Memorial

Historical Marker commemorating Company A of the First Nebraska Volunteer Infantry

Former site of the Farmers State Bank

Now occupied by a couple law offices.

Another former bank.

I don't know what bank it used to be, but now it's an insurance agent's office, a barber shop and several other storefronts. This town is big enough it actually has a traffic light!

The H. Boeck building

Completed in 1886. I'm not sure what used to occupy this building, but now it's law offices, a real estate company and several vacant storefronts.

Rockwood Hall, a Masonic Lodge

Former site of M.E. Smith & Co. Dry Goods

Former site of Bates Book Shop, H.M. Soennichsen Mercantile Store and the Plattsmouth Journal newspaper

The first two are long gone, but the Journal still exists, though its offices are now located across the street and are much, much smaller.

Ghost ad for Bates Book Shop

You can clearly see an ad for 7 Up painted over an ad for Coca-Cola.
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